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About KimJongMoon

‘KIMJ’ for-short and for those in the know with this fun and personality-packed deflationary token now available on the Binance Smart Chain. This is no ordinary meme coin. KIMJ brings about laughter – but it also packs a big punch: an NFT marketplace, games, cartoons & merch are incoming! Our Uncle Kim character is about to blast off and take mainstream pop culture by storm, so stay tuned and keep checking back here for more.

Furthermore, we are NOT your average developer team, either; most of our dev wallet has been locked away for safe keeping. Protecting our money, and more importantly, yours. Note: we have a whole team assembled; thus, we left a small percentage of the goods to pay all new team hires who have helped with design and the development of all our exciting projects. Remember, we are here for the long term, so we hope you are too!

Market Cap
$1 Million
Circulating Supply
360 Trillion
Tokens Burned
500 Trillion
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What Makes KimJongMoon Soooo Special?


“KIMmunity” focussed

Come for the crypto, stay for the community! From all corners of the crypto space, the KIMJ Family welcomes those who are willing to ride along for the journey. We are a unique group who really can’t get enough $KIMJ memes, and we’ve got the Telegram chat content to prove it! Join us for some fun and rocket-to-the-moon-like behavior.



It pays to buy yourself some $KIMJ. No, literally. Every transaction made (buy and/or sell) rewards KIMJ holders with 5% back according to their stake (Also, 2.5% of fees are burned!). Hold your KIMJ, treat yourself to some more, and the opportunities are quite literally limitless!


Auto-Liquidity Pool

Automatically generate liquidity towards PancakeSwap’s pool from each transaction. How does that work? A liquidity pool is a collection of funds locked in a smart contract. In exchange for investing in $KIMJ, community members earn trading fees from the trades that happen in their pool, proportional to their shares of the total liquidity.

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Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

50% Burned

Liquidity Locked

5% Locked

5% Marketing, 4% Dev

36% Circulation Supply

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  • Build website and finish white paper ✓
  • Social media setup ✓
  • Marketing strategy ✓
  • Build Uncle Kimmy’s Rocket ✓
  • Token Launch! (Fair launch) ✓
  • BSCscan listing ✓
  • Coin audit (NightWatch, Techrate Audit) ✓
  • CoinGecko listing ✓
  • CoinMarketCap listing ✓
  • Hiring new team members/agencies ✓
  • Website re-design ✓
  • Influencer marketing ✓
  • Exchange listing
  • Mini-games (Browser)
  • NFT marketplace
  • Mobile game
  • Merch store
  • Meme creator
  • Animated web series (pilot)
  • Ecosystem partnerships
  • Animated web series (8 episodes)
  • Create products from your memes!
  • More to come!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is KimJongMoon just another meme coin?
FAQ Plus

Well, we have all the characteristics of a meme coin and we are definitely not the only one, but we plan to be much more. We have planned many projects that will provide a full-on entertainment platform that will ensure investors get a good return on their investment. These are some of the projects we are currently working and set to release soon:

- NFT Marketplace

- Browser games, mobile games and blockchain games that earn you KIMJs

- Animated Series for mature audiences

- Online meme creator that eventually you can use to create products

- Many more ideas in the works!

On which blockchain is the technology built?
FAQ Plus

The KIMJ Token standard is BEP-20. It runs on the Binance Smart Chain network.

What is the smart contract address and token symbol?
FAQ Plus

The KIMJ Token standard is BEP-20. It runs on the Binance Smart Chain network.

- The contract address is 0x737f0e47c4d4167a3eecde5fa87306b6eee3140e

- The token symbols is $KIMJ

What are the marketing and dev wallets used for?
FAQ Plus


- Hire social media Influencers to gain exposure

- Post ads on social networks and sites like BSCscan and Poocoin

- Sign-up fees for all the major exchanges and marketplaces

- Hire new team of marketers, designers, social media content creators to make sure we are always promoting our brand the best way possible to attract potential investors

- Hire designers and animators to help us design NFTs and game assets for our upcoming projects

- Partner-up with a digital production company to help us create our animated series


- New website

- NFT marketplace

- Video games (different platforms)

- Meme creator

- Online merch store

There are a lot of scam coins out there. How do you guarantee you won't "Rug Pull"?
FAQ Plus

We understand these concerns from investors. We have been on their shoes many times and even have been victims of scams in quite a few occasions; we get it! These are the things that will help you believe that we are a real and transparent team that wants the best for this project:

- Doxxed team: while many devs hide behind their little dog avatars, we are fully out there for everybody to see. We use our real photos and names, we post daily videos on TG to update the community and sometimes we even wear dresses in videos to cheer up the community during difficult times. We are 100% transparent and we feel this is the #1 factor that makes investors believe in this project.

- Our dev wallet is locked: most of our dev wallet is locked (minus what's needed for development costs), so we can't take your money and run. We want to take your money and 10000x it!

- We constantly show previews or the many cool projects we are working on. Check out our Twitter page for plenty of videos of upcoming releases.

How can I contact the team for partnerships opportunities?
FAQ Plus

You can reach out to us by emailing us at contact@kimjongmoon.net.

How do I buy $KIMJ?
FAQ Plus

Right now, you can only buy it on PancakeSwap. Other exchanges coming soon!

For a detailed guide on how to buy, click here.

Can I cancel my KimJongMoon transaction?
FAQ Plus

No, no one, including us, can cancel or reverse KimJongMoon transactions, including buying and selling KIMJs for another asset due to the nature of digital currency protocols.

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Uncle Kimmy's Rocket Crew

Team Member - Luc
Rocket Pilot

Having worked as a marketing expert for a few well known companies, Luc left all behind to focus exclusively on the KimJongMoon project,

Team Member - Adam
Rocket Pilot

With a background in M&A and venture capital, Adam brings a unique and innovative financial expertise to the cryptocurrency world.

Team Member - Cesar
Awareness Expert

Latest addition to the team! Over 12 years of experience providing marketing for multi-million dollar IT clients from all over the world.

Team Member - Cesar

Also a Blockchain dev for one of the top 500 Crypto Currencies, Simon is our top blockchain officer making sure things run smoothly on the backend.

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KIMJ RocketCloudCloudCloudCloud

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